When it comes to WordPress themes, less is definitely more, so with Verso you get just the right amount of options and a clean design, letting your awesome content do the talking. That means no image sliders or crazy amounts of settings and options. Just simple design done right.

In WordPress 3.4 the Theme Customizer API was introduced, making settings pages basically obsolete. Apart from taking advantage of a core WordPress functionality, the customizer screen allows admins to live preview their changes. Here's what Verso has to offer:

Responsive, mobile-first design

Verso was built using the mobile-first approach. It starts with a basic layout for mobile devices and gradually builds up to accommodate more capable devices.

Post formats support

Verso offers support for the following post formats: aside, image, video, quote, link.

Standard compliant & localization ready

Verso is a standard compliant theme that adheres to WordPress’ philosophy: simplicity over bloatware, clean, lean & mean and works out of the box.

Custom header image and logo

You can upload your custom header image via the Theme Customizer or just use the one that comes bundled with the theme. You can also choose between 4 predefined overlay patterns or none at all.

Featured image as header background

You have the unique option to use a post's featured image as header background image, medium.com style. With the option checked, if a post or page doesn't have a featured image it'll just fall back to the default header image.

Custom typography

Designed with the reader in mind, Verso features great typography and includes some of the best open-source web fonts.

Custom colors

With Verso, changing the colors of your theme via the Theme Customizer is a breeze. You can change the links, accent, background and site title colors.

Show/hide sidebar

Verso also comes with a classic sidebar that can be easily shown or hidden on single posts and pages.

Widgetized footer

The footer has three handy widgetized areas that can be used for anything.